Thursday, January 24, 2013


Mommyhood is filled with phases.  I sometimes feel like my life is one big string of them.  Some of them are easier than others.  Some phases make me want more kids.  And some phases make me want less kids...  Poop accidents are bad phase.  Wanting to snuggle and be read to constantly is a good phase.  Sleeping through the night is an AWESOME phase!
Right now the girls are in an "art" phase.  Their  passion for coloring has replaced their dress up phase which lasted almost 3 years.  They still dress up, but they no longer wear a princess dress from sun up to sun down.  I miss it already.
Now the girls spend most of their free hours sitting on our bar stools side by side coloring.  We have two stools and three girls, so it gets a bit tight at times, but they love it. 
When the girls were in their dress up phase I was constantly picking up tulle dresses, toy rings, necklaces, tiaras, plastic high heels, Dollar Store bracelets and princess dresses.  They changed their clothes constantly and created tons of extra laundry as a result.  I'll be honest, I didn't always love it.  If fact it sometimes drove me crazy to have princess stuff in every corner of every room of the house.  But now that it isn't their, I miss it.
And it drives me crazy to have papers, crayons, tape and coloring books, markers and glue sticks and tiny pieces of cut up paper strewn across my kitchen counter ALL day EVERY day.  But I know that when my little girls tire of coloring side by side each day, that I will miss that too.  So instead of begrudgingly picking up the marker with a missing lid and the broken crayon for the 100th time each day I am going to strive to cherish each piece of art work, every broken crayon. 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Upward Basketball

Madison had her very first basketball game on Saturday.   We had to get up early to be to the game by 8:30am, it was a glimpse of what I am sure are many years of Saturday games to come.  I wasn't sure if Madison would even like basketball.  6 months ago she was adamantly against playing, her reasoning was that the uniforms aren't cute.  She finally decided to give it a try and she loves it.  In her league they don't keep score until 3rd grade (though all of the parents secretly do) and she was disappointed to find out there was no winner or loser, but she still loved it.  She actually played really well.  Watching kindergartners play basketball is ridiculously cute!   Madison was confident, and seemed to know what was going on, as much as a five year old can.  At one point she was so close to making a basket, it was honestly in and out.  I've never wanted a ball to go through the net more than I did for my little girl.  I love that she is loving the sport that was near and dear to my heart when I was growing up.     

I signed up to bring snacks for the first game.  Thanks to pinterest I was able to make these.  They were a hit with all of the little basketball stars!


No words really.  Just a couple of pictures of this irresistible cuteness.

January Beach Trip

On the last day of Josh's 21 day break from school we took a last minute trip to the beach.  It was crazy cold, and we were only on the beach for 30 minutes or so, but we had a blast.  It was so windy that Ellie couldn't stand or walk without falling over and our hats kept blowing off of our heads.  The girls found all sorts of neat shells that have found their way to their boxes of "specials" back at home.  And true to tradition we hit up the outlets and the candy store as well.  

Baby to Toddler

Ellie is quickly moving from baby to toddler.  

She loves to brush her teeth, put on num nums (chapstick), wear shoes, eat dum (chewy vitamins which she is convinced is gum, and put her babies "nigh nigh".

She loves to play with her sister, but is also very fond being by herself.  She actually seems to thrive on having time to herself.  

Her vocabulary is growing like crazy and she has taken a recent interest in going potty and telling me when she needs to go or has already.  We haven't had any real successes there yet, and I am not quite ready for that adventure, but it is just around the corner.

Happy to be brushing her teeth.

A recent "party" the girls threw together.  

Thursday, January 10, 2013


We just had to wipe our computer and re-install everything.  I am having issues with my picture files and uploading them to blogger...thus the reason for my silence lately.  Hope to have it up and running soon...