Monday, March 18, 2013

Ellie and Mommy

Ellie is at such an adorable, fun stage lately.  She melts my heart or makes me laugh constantly.  She is so stinkin cute.  She is talking like crazy and her increased communication is resulting in less tantrums (less, but definitely not none).  Her growing bond with both of her sisters is clearly evident and I love it.  She refers to Kenzie as "tiny" and Maddie as "Mannie".  It's adorable!  I am so incredibly thankful for the blessing of Ellie in my life and in our family.

A Good Day!

Today has been awesome.  The morning went just like I hoped it would.  The girls obeyed.  I remained patient.  I lovingly corrected where correction was needed.  School went grat.  Madison got her worked done and had an awesome attitude.  Kenzie tried hard at all of her assignments.  Ellie played contentedly while Madison and Makenzie were occupying my attention.  Thanks G.G. for the unifix cubes, Ellie loves them.  Gymnastics class went well.  Lunch went smoothly and now all of the girls are down for a rest/nap.  I have been productive while not feeling like I am neglecting the girls.  I needed today! I have been thanking the Lord all day long for this blessing of today!